Thursday, 28 August 2008

Gypsy Beggars

Gypsy BeggarsThis two boys are Gypsies and their favourite place for begging is just outside the St Nikolai's Church in Yambol town centre. Business is good for them right now with tourists all around. Even in the winter I see them there, Bulgarian folk are a generous bunch and regularly give money and food to these two gypsy boys. There are usually other Gypsy children begging that hang around this area but not today.



Hilda said...

They actually look pretty healthy and happy. I don't think they can't go wrong begging near churches.

Kris said...

Poor little buggers. Not much of a life.

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

It is quite true to say that gypsies lead there own life in their gypsy ways but never go hungry. Some say, and there is evidence to back this up, that many gypsies are better off than many of the Bulgarians. This is due to government cash benefits to gypsies - non Gypsy Bulgarian do not qualify, this is a major political issue here.

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