Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Very Old Mint Condition Car

Very Old Mint Condition CarAs I walked out into the street this morning, I saw parked outside the house on the cobblestone road a very old car. It was in mint condition. On the front it had the name Moskvits (мoскьич). I have no idea how old it is. Perhaps some viewer can give some info here on the year of this particular Russian model?


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Ayoxin said...

It's an early Russian model from 1958-1963, Москвич 407.

Engine: 407, 45hp/4500rpm, 1360 cubics Length: 4055мм, Width: 1540мм, Height: 1560мм Gearbox: 3, after 1960 - 4 gears Weight: 990 kg Max speed: 115 kph Tank: 35 litres Gas usage: 6.5l/100km

The alloy used for the chassis and the metal in the hood and other parts of the car were allegedly the steel of smelted German helmets from WWII.

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