Sunday, 1 February 2009

Grapes on the First Floor of Block 19

Grapes on the First Floor of Block 19It only needs a small space to plant a grape vine and the resident on the first floor of Block 19 has found one. A small area by the side of the entrance of a furniture shop. Incidently we bought our bed/sofa from this shop. One thing is for sure, if this happened in the UK, the council would be out with their book of regulations and ready to send out a fine, there would be a war with the shopowner and besides that the vine would have been vandalised the same day it was planted!
Here in Yambol everyone grows grapes wherever they can.


honza03 said...

At first I thought this was an accidentally grown grape and it's on purpose! That's wonderful :)

Mike said...

Martin if this was the UK you would also probably have to pay extra council tax because you were using your home as a vineyard!

BTW have added a link on my photo blog to Yambol Daily Picture.

Have a nice day.

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