Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ready, Steady Go!

Ready, Steady Go!
In the boulevard area of Yambol City centre it is a sure sign of warmer weather when you see the battery powered kids cars ready for action. Loads of children, many toddlers train on these and have lots of practice to potentially becoming crazy Bulgarian drivers. If you are a pedestrian, you have to be on the lookout otherwise you'll be knocked over. Luckily though, these vehicles make quite a lot of noise with their whining and hard plastic wheels so you can hear them coming


Jacob said...

Very cute toys? Nice photograph. I sure would have liked one of those when I was a little kid.

Mike said...

Strikes me we could do with these here since most kids practice with the real thing!

Hilda said...

That is so cute! I would've enjoyed these when I was a kid!
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Michi - Fotoblog said...

what a very nice garage :-)

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