Monday, 6 April 2009

Another Plastic Bottled Public Garden

Another Plastic Bottled Public Garden
Clear, green and brown plastic bottle in another public garden next to one of the big block apartment buildings in Yambol. These are attended by the local residents and for a change they are growing geraniums and not food produce this time. Again, the respect that this little garden has based in a resdiental area of the City centre is total from all the community.
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Mike said...

Martin it wouldn't last very long in the UK. I would like to know if you get much vandalism in Bulgaria-my impression from your blogs is that you don't.

AVCr8teur said...

This is unusual. Are they growing geraniums in there too? I don't think a produce garden would work very well in a public place. Here, people have trees in front of their homes they have to put up signs not to pick the fruits.

Guest said...

Hi Mike, I can confirm there is no vandalism to things that grow in public or private places in Yambol, there is however a growing element of graffiti though!

Guest said...

Hi AVCr8teur,
They grow many fruits and vegetable here in public places and they are untouched - I was amazed at this when first coming here.

John | English Wilderness said...

There's probably a law against planting anything in a public place in the U.K.! :-(

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