Thursday, 2 April 2009

Old Onions Growing On A Yambol Window Sill

Old Onions Growing On A Yambol Window Sill
As you walk the streets of Yambol and look to your side at the homes of Bulgarians, you will see a fantastic amount of food growing on a DIY basis. One conservatory I saw today had last year's onions set up in jam jars. It is common for these onions to grow and the green shoots are then used for salads. Nothing is wasted in Bulgaria. I the UK the old onions would have been thrown away.
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Mike said...

Martin it reminds me of my childhood days in a country cottage. We didn't have a lot of money so my Mum used to do similar things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, Even if you have money it's a good idea!

Belated congrats on you PR3 photoblog now.

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