Wednesday, 1 April 2009

An Ouside Sink In A Yambol Town Garden

An Ouside Sink In A Yambol Town Garden
As I walked to the Yambol Internet Office to pay my monthly bill, I pass many town houses. One caught my eye with a cute outside sink sitting in the garden. The camera was poked throught he iron gate and the picture taken. These outdoor sinks are in every garden in Yambol and used extensively during the warmer months. We have one in our own yard and in the village farmhouse, not quite as cute as this one though.
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AVCr8teur said...

Very convenient. Are each decorated differently?

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi AVCr8teur, no two are the same, I could make a photo blog specialising in Bulgarian garden sinks quite easily!

Mike said...

Martin a common feature here as a lot of Thais like outdoor kitchens, I am in the process of doing something similar on one side of the house.

At first I was against the idea but once MTF starts cooking with chillies I can see the advantage!

Thanks for the heads up on PR you were right about photoblogs too MTPB is now PR 3!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Mike: we have summer house here where the family basically move into a garden dwelling and the cokking and washing up done outsdie - Why is so much in tandem with Thailand, uncanny.

By the way I don't know why everyone has outdoor facilties like this it is so practical.

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