Sunday, 24 May 2009

An Old Cycle Training Centre In Yambol

An Old Cycle Training Centre In Yambol
At the south end of Yambol I found an old cycle training centre. This was next to a high school and looks as if it hadn’t been used for some time. Whether funds aren’t there anymore or there is no call for this anymore or even if it is just used after school term ends remains a mystery. Judging from cyclists moving around Yambol, there certainly is a call for cycle training, but more so for car driving safety centres!

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Mike said...

Your picture reminded me of when I was a cop in the UK.

On a Sunday morning after we kicked the drunks out, we would have a bit of fun with the new officers and make them take a cycling proficiency test, which include saluting the Inspector as they rode around some cones, all this was secretly filmed and shown at the Christmas bash!

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