Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Rubbish Tipped

Rubbish TippedWalking along the road this morning I came across an obstruction. Now rubbish is a common sight in Bulgaria but this didn't make sense. The rubbish had been placed next to a wheely bin or could have been taken out of the wheely bin I don't know. In any case it was just left there. Most of it would be collected and recycled by whatever means by gypsies by the end of the day so that's half the problem solved!



Baruch said...

How unsightly! I reckon it was some spiteful hoon who thought it would be fun tipping it over

Frankie / Nick said...

How unfortunate that some people are so inconsiderate and lacking of self respect as to droop so low.

Bas said...

@Baruch: Things like that are quite rare in Bulgaria though... but you might be right.

Might have been some poor people going through the garbage and not bothering to put it back in. Usually they're very careful to not make a total mess though.

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

I agree withBas, this is very rare indeed, rubbish is never maliciously tipped out, there will be a very good reason for this and practical. Shame that most look a this picture and assume hooligans are resposible, I guess that what they expect in other certain other parts of the world.

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