Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I've Been Let Down

Well the camera hasn't materialised and I have heard nothing from the donor who was due in Bulgaria on the 21st of this month. "Don't' rely on anyone but yourself", was a piece of Bulgarian advice that was given to me a few years a go here. I must say that rings a truth in the time I have lived here.

My blog is therefore on hold again and I am quite disappointed. My earnings are less than £40 a week working a 40 hour week and I just can't afford three weeks pay to buy the most basic of digital cameras. It remains for me to wait again for another promise of a camera. I just can't believe that my offer of 100,000 EC credits and $20 that has been donated has not been taken up. That's over $120 in old blogging money!


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Camera Now Due - Also A Tip For Bloggers

My donor for the camera should be in Bulgaria bow and I await with baited breath for him to contact me so I can start snapping away again. It may seem strange to people why I can't buy a cheap digital camera here, but unless you know Bulgaria and how much money people earn working here you won’t fully realise how hard up people are. I make a little money by writing sponsored articles on my other sites, but this is for supporting the Bulgarian family who have taken me into their home in Yambol.

While I wait for my donated camera to arrive I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about am article submission site called Article Alley that you may want to consider using if you write articles with your pictures. It is free to register and once in just a few moments to post your article for into the date-base for other reader on the site to read or even consider republishing with full credit to you the author.

I have been using Article Alley now for a few weeks and it has been of good benefit getting more readers checking out the article and clicking onto the site where it originated from, hence more traffic and of course more chance of getting more work from sponsors who want posts written for them. You can also use other authors’ posts on your own blog if you are stuck for a post or having blogger’s block.

Well this aside I really do hope that the camera turns up and I am on the streets of Yambol again, it feels like a lifetime away since I last did that. Thank you all who read this for being so patient.

I am still open to offers from anyone who can offer a more up to date camera with the 100,000 EC credits and $20 as a barter!
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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Back In Business Soon Hopefully

Back In Business Soon Hopefully
Someone at last has been kind enough to donate a digital camera. It is quite an old Konica, only 1.3 mega pixels and no cable, but should at least start me up again with the Yambol Daily Pictures, that is if I can get a cable to download to my laptop. It is due here after the 21st October so only a couple of weeks and I will be up and running again.

I still of course would like to get a better model (at least 4 mega pixel quality) and my offer of 100,000 EC credits and $20 stands. In case I didn’t mention it I would covert the cost of postage via Paypal.
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