Friday, 7 November 2008

Gypsy Firewood Collection

Gypsy Firewood Collection
This is a common site in Yambol, especially this time of year. This gypsy, and it isn't just gypsies who do it, walk around the town picking up dead wood to burn on their fires everyday. It is free fuel and really does ring the sound of Yambol being a green town unitl you find that the other sack he is holding amound other materials, plastic that will be used to start the fire! Well at least it is not being done on in industrial scale.


Infamous said... are right that it is very good this is not happening on a bigger scale but I must say you are absolutely wrong that this is a common thing...First of all, it looks like you are not from the town which makes your opinion biased..Secondly, you must know that fire and wood is adopted for domestic use as a heating since mankind so what are you trying to prove? Thirdly, how many people you think live like that in Yambol? How do you think the monitoring of plastic material in making fire can be done and what laws should be implemented to strengthen its control? Or you think that there is somehting wrong with the mentality of the native people of Yambol (if they are really using plastic materials for starting a fire lol )? You probably think that this is one of the main sources for global warming? Or this is the most important issue in the air pollution area? You better focus on some other issues, not fucking around with the citzens of Yambol town, because all you show us is your lack of humanity and overestimating yourself for a reason, which is , honestly, beyond respect. Ya Digggggg!

glennis said...

That gypsy is very useful to your town he does the clearing up, picking up all the branches and paper and plastic. Good man.
In Blenheim we used to have an old man Henry who had a small hand cart, he walked around morning to night picking up rubbish and tin cans to resell, plus many other good things he found,it is said he is a very rich man from diamond rings and necklaces and such that he found.

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