Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ventilation For Yambol's Underground Car Park

Ventilation For Yambol's Underground Car Park
Now with Yambol’s underground car park there are three massive ventilation pipes that come out above ground. It reminds me of a Teletubbies scene. To me a bit of an eye sore in Yambol and will become worse once aged and rusted. This is another consequence of catering for a massive increase in cars for Yambol of course those who know me also know that this is a pet hate of mine.

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cavador said...

Just found your blog a couple of days ago. I have been living in Yambol for 18 months now and have seen many changes, some good some bad, i also have the same pet hate, not used my car since i have been here. Anyway, keep the blog going, nice to see somebody caring about where they live.

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Cavador,
Good to see you here and a belated welcome to Yambol. Glad we agree on the car situation in Yambol, it used to be almost car free four years ago without any rush hours. Shame, good thee is big pedestrian areas here though. Good on you for being car free, who needs a car here anyway?
Warm regards to you

Hilda said...

I was wondering what they were. You're right about the fact that they'll look awful fast. And we've the same pet hate about too many cars — Metro Manila is awful about it!

Mike said...

Martin how about foghorns on a landlocked ship? No graffiti though!

Martin In Bulgaria said...

I'm glad you're on my side Hilda. :)

Martin In Bulgaria said...

You have a vivid imagination Mike - Graffiti to follow I'm sure.

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