Saturday, 23 May 2009

Yambol's Invalid Club

Yambol's Invalid ClubThis is Yambol’s Invalid Club catering for the community that are disabled. It is tucked away at the back of the new business centre that has just opened. I find it typically Bulgarian that the entrance has no facilities for the disabled such as a ramp.
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cavador said...

When i see things like this, i don't know if i want to laugh or cry. Just maybe there is a portable ramp inside, but i think not.

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Cavador,
I agree, I don't think that a portable ramp would be inside.

Nadia said...

what youre not understanding here is that the club is not for disabled people on wheelchairs therefore a ramp isn't necessarily needed. the club is for all pensioners which fall into the invalid categories(3,2 or 1) with illnesses which stop then from working. as far as i know it isn't for young disabled people because my granny and grandad are members of that club

Nadia said...

btw i just noticed something
if u cant see it that pink ledge is a concrete ramp
dont criticize without checking first because there is a ramp there on the right

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Nadia,
Thank you for the information, my understanding was to thinking that it was for invalids of all ages. You have cleared up the club's use very well.

Martin In Bulgaria said...

My apologies Nadia, I have great respect for your country, it was more gear toward wit than critisism and I honestly did not see the ramp on the other side. I will revist and put another angle of the clubs entrance.
Again, I do apologise Nadia.

Nadia said...

no problem

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