Thursday, 7 May 2009

Yambol's Polyclinic Entrance

Yambol's Polyclinic EntranceThis is Yambol's main polyclinic and a pretty busy place most of the time. The picture is of the main entrance. It is about 500 metres from the town centre with mostly old people limping and gypsies who seem to be here in abundance. The facilities are very dated and basic, but the staff there do a great job. Trips to this polyclinic are frequent as our Baba has to get her prescription from here monthly and Galia checked up regulary after here recent operation.

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Mike said...

Is this just like a hospital? I was a bit thrown by the name polyclinic.

Hilda said...

Most medical needs are well met by small clinics. Actually, this is much bigger than many of what we have in the Philippines (except in the largest urban centers like Metro Manila). A lot of towns still don't have basic health care because they're too tiny.

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