Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Banitsa Being Demolished In Yambol

On the theme of breakfast in Yambol, banitsa is the most popular for of hot breakfast here. I common sight is seeing people eating them on the way to work, myself included. This picture is exactly what I mean. Mmmm, I can taste it now just looking.


Anonymous said...

Не ме предизвиквайте да бъда груба.Няма да го допусна.Рискувате друго.Все още зная как да се защитя.Държа се прилично от добри чувства и уважение.Моля за разбиране.

Randy said...

Great capture!

chris mullin said...

good shot - unusual for you to have a 'people shot' - still loads of life here. love the site, every few days i get my little bit of yambol and recognize most or the places - it's good work - please keep it up. do you know the situation in block 20 ?
kind regards

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