Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Business Information Office In Yambol

This is the Business Information Office in Yambol where you can find out all about what is going on in Yambol. with regard to business etc. In recent years it has taken on a European flavour in facade in view of Bulgarian joining the EU. I never been in the place, perhaps I should if I get some spare time.


Nadia said...

Hiya, just a little correction - this isn't actually the yambol tourist info office... since there arent really any tourists in the town... it is an info center however. Ямболска Търговско-Промишлена Палата/Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry - they deal with business projects and stuff like that with the EU

heres more info:

Anonymous said...

Hi Nadia,
Thanks for the help and clarification. I told you I had never been in there so assumed wrong.
Take care

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