Wednesday, 16 July 2008

"The Riders" Van

You've seen "The Riders" cafe headquarters in a previous picture. now we have "The Riders" van parked across the road on the pavement as most cars and vans are in Yambol.

It is a bread and butter phenomenon that bikers are always blessed with art skills, look at the art work on that van!

Again, these bikers are very nice chaps just out to express themselves in their hobby, they quite often have a convey to the Black Sea Coast int he summer months, We met them there on a couple of ocassions. They camp on the beach.


Buwau98 said...

Hope you still remember me.On 11 June 2008 you did visit my blog and post a comment asking me how do i cook a pansoh. BTW, pansoh is an Iban way of cooking fish in bamboo stem over a slow burning fire.If you have the time, i have just posted it over my blog.Happy reading

Barbara said...

Just stopped by to look at your fun website! Cheers from West Sacramento Photo of the Day.

Bikran said...

The van looks cool with those arts on it. The riders really seem very interesting.

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