Sunday, 13 July 2008

Yambol BikeTop Box

Yambol BikeTop BoxI love bicycles, they come in all shapes and sizes, I caught this one just at random with a typical top box carrier. I bike here is as popular as it has every been and it is a shame these old bikes are being replaced slowly with heavy, cheap and characterless mountain bikes, which incidentally aren't real mountain bikes!

Want more on Yambol bicycles? Try this link: Bulgarian Roma Riders

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Kim said...

Martin, I like seeing bikes and what kinds are being ridden where. I hope you'll feature photos of more of them from time to time.

Welcome to the City Daily Photo Blog community! It's my first chance to look through all your photos and get a feel for Yambol. I like the lovely cobblestone streets, but as you say, if they are in disrepair, the bus ride can be bumpy. Hope you are having fun with your blog and I'll be visiting to see life in your city.
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