Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Simple Skoda

Simple SkodaIt was the colour of this Skoda car that caught my eye parked in the centre of Yambol today. The classical shape of a car that appeals. It is such a simple car, purely practical with no frills which is why it appeals to me so much.



Kris said...

Is this a popular car around your Yambol?

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Not nowadays, it is becoming rarer with all the car imports from western countries.

berov said...

I am sorry to tell you, that the car on the picture is not a Skoda. It is a Wartburg (made in the former German Democratich Republic). These cars have a two-tact motors and you have to fuel 30 ml. oil to each ltr. gasoline.

I am glad to read regularly your blog - as a Bulgarian (born in Plovdiv) and living in Germany I do consider the most of your comments for absolutely correct. The interesting point is how to make people see the world, they are living in?! Best wishes from Berlin!

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