Saturday, 27 September 2008

A Grand Yambol Building

A Grand Yambol BuildingI'm not too sure what this place is but positioned just opposite the impressive Town Park it stands proud. Occasionally there are tables and chairs out on the veranda area where people talk eat and drink.


Nadia said...

This is the Voenen Klub which is Military Club i think-- im not too sure what they use it for now but thats what it is known as :)

Vanilla said...

How small the building looks to me now... When I was a child in 80s I visited twice The Military club for piano lessons. Before that my mother was a member of the choir there and I remember myself playing with the new medicine set behind the curtain...
My father was a military officer and when I was 18 we moved to Sofia and I never came back. I miss Yambol very much. I changed very much. Now I am a hard working busy 43 years woman. But I still remember how relaxing ppl were there and the easy movement of Tundja river. I think that the land there is sacred and source of life energy. Obviously it is time to come back to recharge with the energy of the place I was born.

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