Thursday, 2 October 2008

Tundzha River by The Yambol Town Park

Tundzha River by Diana Park
Another view of the Tunzdha river this time in the direction of the big Town Park which is alongside it. A great big space right next to the town centre which is only some 500 metres away from where I took this picture.

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hesslei said...

The river takes its source from the central parts of Stara Planina north of Kalofer, it then flows east and makes a sharp turn to the south before Yambol, in which direction it flows until it reaches the Maritsa. The Tundzha's length on Bulgarian territory is 350 km. It has about 50 tributaries, the more important of which Mochuritsa, Popovska and Sinapovska. Towns on the banks of the river include Kalofer, Yambol and Elhovo.


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