Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Yambol's Court of Law

This is Yambol's Law court, just off the centre of the City. It is the place where you have have to register your company in order to buy property here. It is also the place for getting divorced and getting busier as each year goes by. Inside you are subjected to a baggage and body search before entering the place grand building. it has a certain elegance both outside and inside.
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Jacob said...

I agree about the elegance - at least on the outside. Law courts, however, always make me ambivalent...I haven't done anything worthy of notice in a law court, but maybe they've passed a new law I don't know about and I've already broken it?

Sheesh! That's a scary thought!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Jacob, Nice to see you.
Right now the law here in Bulgaria is turnign into another EU cloned constitution, shame, but at least much of the new law that is brought is is being ignored on a day to day basis here - After all who is going to catch you right now, the police are just as confused as the general public with the new regulations that are streaming in.

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