Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Graffiti Creeps Into Yambol City Culture

Graffiti Creeps Into Yambol City CultureGraffiti is slowly but surely creeping in Yambol as more and more is seen as each week goes by. This is an American trend and is a direct result of a saturation of American cultures here pushed aggressively in the media for young Bulgarians - Rap and graffiti just a small parcel left here now. This graffiti is on a stationary shop called Office One in the city centre. I saw the staff there trying to clean it off, but ink is indelible. It now remains a feature of this shop and many others now. This is not street art, but a criminal activity.

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Guest said...

Bad graffitti is certainly vandalism, of which the example in Yambol is certainly,and as you say a criminal activity although I would have to disagree that all graffiti is bad.It would be simplifying it to say ot was a pure result of American culture as 'the writing on the wall' has been a facet of civilisation for aeons - what the cause of the 'dissafection'is......I don't know and as for having to appreciate it because it's message is daubed without permission shows a lack of creativity by the 'dauber'

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