Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Puppet Show On In Yambol's Theatre

Christmas Puppet Show On In Yambol's Theatre

The Yambol Cinema/Theatre in the town is currently showing a Christmas puppet show with poetry as the dialogue. The picture on the poster to me is not too disimilar to Pinnochio. It's not Pinnochio though and is performed by Bulgarian puppetiers and actors. It is purely geared towards the children of Yambol and is the equvilant of pantomime I suppose.
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Dimitar,Yambol's citizen said...

With my bow to your work,showing my home town - Kуклен Tеатър/on the top of the poster/ means Puppet Theater.State Puppet Theater - Yambol - is completelly different structure from Drama Theater "N.Kokanova" Yambol -
By the way I put a link to your web-page in my FaceBook account

Anonymous said...

здрасти Dimitar,
Thank yo so much for the information and links to the puppet theatre. I'm sure this will be of great use to those who may want to know more about it, me included!

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