Monday, 7 December 2009

A Camera At Last!

What a turn up this weekend. I did a favour for a reader of my blog, namely to go to the Yambol cemetery and look up a relative who had passed away in recent year and give feedback. It was something that I would have done as a favour as that’s the sort of people we are here and we did. We got information of the burial site, dates, addresses and pictures (ironically from a borrowed camera) and gave this back.

Soon after the person who asked for out help send a donation of $50 for out troubles. This was a total surprise and of course adds to the $20 that has already been donated toward a digital camera. With $70 in the pot I now can afford a digital camera and am on the point of buying one. It will be at the cheapest end of the market but as long as it does the job that’s all that matters.

So now time ticks away for more pictures to be taken, not just on Yambol Daily Pictures blog, but for all my blogs that have recently lacked original pictures as their source

I would like to thank the donors that have made this possible (who has said farewell for some reason – see the link) for the $20 and Sergei Bazhgin (location unknown) for the $50!

I hate shopping, but now have to for the best budget camera deals around.
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