Thursday, 19 November 2009

Shooting In Yambol

Yambol. Investigation of the shooting in the town of Yambol is underway. 53-year-old T.Zh. sitting in a Lada car shot at a mother and her child in the southern city of Yambol on Wednesday evening. The woman is out of danger, while the child died. The gunman was noticed in the village of Kozarevets, 20 km from the city of Yambol, the Ministry of Interior Regional Directorate-Yambol announced. The man shot his uncle as well-the 71-year-old M.T. e is out of danger. The Ministry of Interior Regional Directorate-Yambol received a signal at 5.45 pm on Wednesday night a woman and her child were shot in Hale residential quarter between block 13 and 5.

The police acted quickly and professionally in solving the serious criminal incident in the city of Yambol.According to the witnesses information the shooter has driven away with a VAZ car with Yambol registration towards the village of Kozarevo. It was found the 53-year-old man started arguing with his uncle in the village of Kozarevo and shot him. Then he got on his car and set off for the city of Yambol. There while passing by a residential block of flats he shot at a mother and her child.

The Ministry of Interior Regional Directorate-Yambol received a signal at 6.10 pm the 71-year-old M.T. was shot by his uncle.

Later the police found the shooter on the road to the village in a serious condition after being involved in a crash. He was rushed to the hospital in a coma. He was indentified as T.Zh.-56-years-old. The police found the man was living in the same block with the shot mother and child. The officers found Makarov gun in the crushed car, legally owed by T.Zh. The shooter died at about 7.00 pm.

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