Friday, 6 March 2009

Grapevine Garden Fences in Yambol

Grapevine Garden Fences in YambolAs you walk the streets of Yambol it is not uncommon to see garden fences used as supports to grapevines. Everything is so open and trusting here as in the late summer, the grapes ripen to their sweetest tune and there is no thieving of the fruits by passers by or night walkers. This is one thing I just admire about Yambol, the trust they have to respect each other's garden produce. It maybe to do with most having their own grapevines and don't need to steal.


Mike said...

Martin I immediately thought of pick your own grapes, till I read all the text.

AVCr8teur said...

If no one picks the grapes, do they dry up and become raisins? It must be wonderful to live in such a trusting place. I think our vines would be bare after a few weeks. When I came back from vacation, all the tangerines on our tree were gone, but "luckily", the culprits were probably the pesky squirrels and not people.

Thank you for your continuous support in visiting my blog. I think I finally have time to return the favor. :)

A home far away said...

Lovely photos and a great blog!

Hugs a swedish woman in Singapore:)

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