Monday, 30 March 2009

Yambol's Biggest Complex Nears Completion

Yambol's Biggest Complex Nears Completion
Probably the biggest complex in Yambol is nearing completion. It has been in progress for over a year now and is to be the home of the municiple office such as pensions, taxes etc. This has already changed the face of this part of the town centre. sitting right next to the Saint Nikolai Church. There are also other developments going on around the complex, I think it's a big car park and I'm glad to say a small recreation area.

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Mike said...

Martin, more concrete and steel, wonder if it will stand the test of time like some of the older structure.

Functional I am sure but lacking character.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Mike, that's the way of things here, purely practical in the main, but practicality is built into the culture here, style and elegance takes second place unless mafia influenced with money no object. (Seriously!) You can always tell a mafia financed development to a non mafia development from this! I hope
I don't get hung from saying this!

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