Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Yambol's Plastic Bottled Nursery

Yambol's Plastic Bottled Nursery
Just 200 metres from Yambol City centre right next to the Yambol Polytechnic is an open bit of ground where home made incubators forming a DIY nursery. They are covering seedlings that will have an early start in their growing cycle. this again shows the rescourcefulness of recycling plastic bottles nad the respect that passers by have not to tamper with them. Even next to the biggest student complex in the city where many teenagers pass, no vandalism - A nice and comforting thought.

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Noner said...

Wow! Super idea! I never would have thought of plastic bottles as a mini-greenhouse. And also awesome that its not been vandalized.

Mike said...

Martin this is a gardening trick I learned many years ago in the UK before the days of recycling!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Mike - Yes and old trick I used too in the UK, but never in a public place, they would have been kicked all over the place, even 20 - 30 years ago there.

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