Monday, 27 April 2009

A Yambol Hairdresser With Two Tarriffs

A Yambol Hairdresser With Two TarriffsThis is my local Yambol hairdresser that I use. There are now signs outside you just look in to see that is a hairdressing shop. Inside there are no tariffs displayed but a two tiered tariffs system where local Bulgarians are charged 2 Bulgarian Lev and foreigners 3 Bulgarian Lev. I still use the place and argue the price each time, but the female hairdresser feels that there is nothing wrong with this policy. Another reason I still go there is that even with the foreign rates being paid it is still cheaper than other hairdressers who also top up on foreigners in Yambol. Also she does a good job. I'm sure the EU will step in one day and stop this, but strangely enough I like the non-mandatory system here.

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Mike said...

Nice to see dual pricing is alive and well in Bulgaria. I would like to know her reasoning for the 50% price increase for foreigners!

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Mike,
I have asked her why, but she woudl't give me a straight answer. I feel it is because she can get away with it like many other services that do the same. It is an written and unwritten consitution as we both have found out in our respective hosting countries.

PAK said...

Yes, I know such attitude to foreigners (foreigners are rich, while we're poor), but I never saw two 'official' tariffs.
You suggest UE stops it? Well, it is against UE principles, but why big UE have to look at haidresser in Yambol ;-D

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Pak, thanks foryour views. This is a worldwide practice problem not just confined to the EU and a Yambol hairdresser. I don't have prrblem with it, if I did I'd have long hair. lol

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