Monday, 27 April 2009

A Yambol Hairdresser With Two Tarriffs

A Yambol Hairdresser With Two TarriffsThis is my local Yambol hairdresser that I use. There are now signs outside you just look in to see that is a hairdressing shop. Inside there are no tariffs displayed but a two tiered tariffs system where local Bulgarians are charged 2 Bulgarian Lev and foreigners 3 Bulgarian Lev. I still use the place and argue the price each time, but the female hairdresser feels that there is nothing wrong with this policy. Another reason I still go there is that even with the foreign rates being paid it is still cheaper than other hairdressers who also top up on foreigners in Yambol. Also she does a good job. I'm sure the EU will step in one day and stop this, but strangely enough I like the non-mandatory system here.

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