Saturday, 23 January 2010

Yambol's Zlaten Rog Apartment Block

With forefront of the Tundzha River and houses lines on the banks you can see the massive 'Zlaten Rog' apartment block complex. Many a time I have attended parties there and visited the Disco called 'Vermont which plays entirely Bulgarian Pop Folk (or Chalga) music. It looks impressive from a distance and although looks a long way away only takes ten minutes to walk there from this position.

3 comments: said...

I don't understand why a Bulgarian disco would be called "Vermont." If the name is borrowed from the State of Vermont in the USA, I would expect Vermont to be an ice cream parlor. Vermont is a rural, pretty state with lots of cows, but it is not known for its night life.

Anonymous said...

I like the contrast between the apartment buildings and houses, nice shot.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

In America's words, "It's a free world Dave!"lol

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