Sunday, 30 November 2008

Autumn Picture in Yambol Town Park

Autumn Picture in Yambol Town ParkIt was a clear picture of autumn in Yambol town this afternoon as we strolled along one of the many small park areas. Leaves fallen from some strong winds last night in Yambol put a coloured carpet on the ground as we crunced our way along the paths. Another few weeks and this will be covered with snow.


humanobserver said...

I guess Sofia has already witnessed snowfall. It is pity to know that we will not be able to see these beautiful trees in Yambol as they would be covered by snow in coming days.

Nadia said...

oh WOW they paved the park-- i cant believe it!!! i hope its the part im thinking of:D:D:D

im from yambol myself-i live in the centre:D

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