Sunday, 7 December 2008

Operation Lada in Yambol

Operation Lada in Yambol
A normal sight on a cold morning in Yambol where a Lada owner is performing operations. We have to recognise the person by either the car he is lent over or by the trousers and boots. Like I say this is a very common sight myself included in this group of Lada operations. Notice the door wide open on the road side, this is common as well.


Mike said...

Hi Martin. Larry Lada? Well I once had a Skoda before VW took them over so I know the feeling. I was in the UK at the time so as you can imagine I was the butt of all the jokes!

MyUSICA said...

Nice! I owned the car in the last picture when I was Young...
Interesting blog, really.
What about visiting mine?
Hi from Italy

Seo said...

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