Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tables and Chairs Still Out in Yambol

Tables and Chairs Still Out in YambolAnother walk on this mild December the Sunday before Christmas and the only reason the table and chairs are not being sat on is because of a shower. It is very mild and now only 4 days to Christmas! Will it be white? - We'll have to wait and see. No one here is really bothered if it isn't though, snow is not practical, besides it is kind and kind God respecting people that make Christmas, nothing else.


Mike said...

martin are you sure you are in Bulgaria looks a lot like Las Ramblas in Barcelona!

humanobserver said...

They also need rest !

Sandradb said...

Wow - I must say that I was "touched" with the sign "Zagorka" on this terrace - Zagorka was one of the most famous writers in Croatia and the first lady news report (her name was Marija Jurić Zagorka) and she is definitely one of my favorite writers. Thank you again for sharing this interesting picture!

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