Monday, 2 February 2009

After The Gypsy Road Sweepers Have Been

I knew exactly who had been here moment before I walked along this Yambol back street. The Gypsy women road sweepers have been tidying up along this particular street. And what a good job they do as well. If it were Gypsy men, well actually any Bulagrian men for that matter working instead, this certainly would not be the same neat sight. They really do a good job these Gypsy women.


Mike said...

Martin. Do the women get paid? Why do gypsy women complete the task?

BTW thanks for the link, which was not necessary but is very much appreciated.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Yes they do, tey have to do a few days work to get 'social security' pay. No idea hy the women do it, probably because the men tell them to!

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