Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Simple Yambol Chimney

A Simple Yambol Chimney
Chimneys are all over Yambol, in part sit get quite smoky is there is a still cold night. You can smell the wood burners smoke which rise and hang over the city. There chimneys often leak smoke and many are patched up with blobs of cement to keep them efficient. I just love the character of these old, but working chimneys. These are now on the decline in Yambol with new developments without wood burning systems.


Hilda said...

Looks like a double chimney with that pipe sticking out of the bricks.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

The pipe is the flue that lines the chimney, this is quite a modern one. Mine in the village doesn't even have that, it is just brick minus the patchy cement.

Noner said...

Looks crumbly, but so sturdy. When houses burn down, sometimes the chimney is the only thing left standing...fireplace beneath it with a "who me" expression on its brick face.

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