Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Yambol's Regional History Museum

Yambol's Regional History MuseumThis is Yambol's Regional History Museum situated just south of the main city shopping area. This is where many local historical artefacts dating back thousands of years are kept. I never been in there, but I know others who have been in and viewed the exhibits giving back good reviews. So one day I'll act the tourist and take a tour of the museum.


Jacob said...

Interesting building. And yes, you should visit. Thousand-year old artifacts are very interesting. That's what my wife says - she married one!

Mike said...

This in a way brings up the topic of when we live in a country that we sometimes forget that we are a visitor there.

There are several local places here popular with tourists that I haven't visited too!

Hilda said...

I hope they allow pictures inside!

Love the man-statue face-off there ;D

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