Sunday, 19 April 2009

An Abandoned Car in Yambol

An Abandoned Car in Yambol
Abandoned cars in Yambol are a common sight, but even though this one seemingly has no use to anyone it does. It is used as a store for a a shop adjacent the postion. You can see the boxes of clothing inside the car. I assume the locking system work ont he doors, certainly no one can make a getaway in this vehicle, not that this sort of thing goes on here anyway. This picture does sum up some parts of a Yambol that is being modernised very fast. There will be no more sights like this anymore as laws will come in for abandoned vehicles.

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Mike said...

Martin I am tempted to quote a Lada joke but clearly the designers knowing the cars limitations had the last laugh. Store room indeed!

Martin In Bulgaria said...

It does the job so well Mike.

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