Saturday, 25 April 2009

Old Yambol Tree Signs

Old Yambol Tree SignsIn the same street were I live in Yambol there is a school. Just on the corner sits a tree where I found this old sign saying 'MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, HAIRCUTS. I found the other smaller sign advertising a garage for gasoline, repairs and service. The hairdresser and garage are no longer there now. I also caught another Yambol cat to the base of the tree ont he right, it had just paid another regular visit to the big metal wheelie bins only two metres away.
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Nadia said...

heeheeeheee youre funny martin
the sign actually says
Gents, Ladies, Childrens Haircuts :):)

Mike said...

Now I am confused Martin a garage offering haircuts?

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Nadia, Thanks you so much for correcting me. Funny but I looked the last word up and found 'c$aution.' I have altered the text accordingly thanks to you. Next time I'll consult Galia instead of an expatriate DIY translation.
Thanks again and thanks for calling in.

Martin In Bulgaria said...

Hi Mike,
Confusion ended, another translation error.

Nadia said...

no probs :)

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