Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Create A Digital Picture Album - Help Is There

As you know I love taking pictures of things. It has been a passion every since I was at school developing my own black and white negatives and printing my own shots using the enlarger and chemicals in the school darkroom Then later on having my own set up at home to carry on, even part-time work making money taking wedding photographs! Developing and printing then was all part of the process, byut nowadays it is so, so much easier to take picture and have result instantly.

The reason I am writing this post is to let you know of another new innovation where you can create you own digital album online. This can be used for any genre such as a family scrapbook, and autobiography, journal or diary or like mine, local pictures of you home town.

Photographs are a history and a valuable keepsake for you and future generations to come. It is not only scenic pictures that you might want to store but documents, letters, certificates and other important documents that can easily be turned out and added to a digital photo album. Even audio recording can be put alongside your digital photo album imagine having you album shown with your commentary explaining the pictures or creating mood with music alongside.

How about creating a digital anniversary photo album, for example you can set up an online photo album for your wedding and other anniversaries with personal thoughts or stories attached? The options are unlimited and a scrapbook that will become a heirloom for your future family. You can't buy memories like that.

My Heart Will is an online program that it safe secure and can support you in every way to create a digital photograph album. You can have our own personal page and regularly update it at your own convenience. 

Whatever photography you do I hope that the enjoyment that is give to millions continues to grow with the amazing technology that continues to make it far more accessible and affordable. 

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