Thursday, 26 February 2009

Derelict Homes in Yambol

Derelict Homes in YambolAnother example of the the old Yambol where home are derelict and ripe for new developments. Eventually all these inner city houses will be gone and the new modern accommodation, shops or offices will stand in their place. Although these homes are an eye sore looking like this, they were someone's pride and joy years ago with land with vines and other organic homegrown produce. Such as shame this typical Bulgarian City home has gone to ruin.


Jacob said...

That is a real shame. I can see in my mind what a nice place that used to be.

Hilda said...

And it looks like it was a very handsome house back then.

I sure hope that the architects who will do those developments will retain whatever is distinctly Bulgarian in their designs. They're what make each country's or region's architecture so interesting even when they're 'modern.'

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