Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Escalators in Yambol

The Escalators in Yambol
These escaltalors are located in the brand new Yambol Shopping Centre opposite the main police station, I got to have a go on them this evening. They are the second moving stairs to be installed in new shopping complex in Yambol. The first was in the new Billa supermarket and Technomarket next to the Tundzha river. I saw a few shoppers not quite sure how to use them and kids innocently playing around going down the rising steps - all great fun. Whilst I was there using them the system broke, it may well be that the builders who installed them hadn't done this before.


Anonymous said...

Hey , I love reading your blogs but I must say simple mistakes like this one are making the town look bad , these are not the first ever escalators in yambol , check billa supermarket.

Petrus said...

Do not worry - escalators are always breaking down .

Try walking up an escalator that is not working - it is a very funny feeling - hard in the legs.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Anonymous - I stand corrected, that one slipped past me yes Billa the big new supermarket which has been phtograped befor do have some escalators, but even these are less than two years old so escalators are very new to Yambol.
Thanks for pointing this out.

I don't intend to make Yambol look bad, just record what I see and hear with an personal opinion alongside. What I don't do is show Yambol with rose tinted glasses just because I live here. What's the point?

Thanks again for the input, I really do appreciate it.

humanobserver said...

cool ...

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