Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Whacky Races in Yambol

Whacky Races in YambolThis was quite a bizzare event that I witnessed this evening on the roads of Yambol. A couple of gypsies bringing in some winter straw on their horse and cart were about to be overtaken by a woman cyclist. When she tried to pass they giddied up the horse and wouldn't let here by. It was only when they saw me with a camera on the side of the raod that the race ended and the cyclist finally got past. I suppose if it was a male cyclist there wouldn't have been any contest. By the way, a typical under-nourished gypsy horse, all skin and bones!


Abraham Lincoln said...

Seems like some folks were trying to have some fun. Afraid of the camera I suppose. That is a nice photo.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Who would think one would enconter a horse cart versus a bicycle race.

In Costa Rica, lots of people use bicycles for transportation, and some farmers use ox carts, but I have never seen a race between a bicycle and an ox cart.

Thank you for visiting my Daily Photo site. I am now following yours. I have not yet been to Bulgaria, and your site will educate me about life in your community. (I have been briefly once to Turkey, Greece, Hungary, and the Ukraine, but have not been to Blgaria, Romania or the Black Sea area, so I need to come to Bulgaria.)

Web-OJ said...

Well, the girl got lucky you were around.

namaki said...

This is an interesting piece of life ... glad you were there to help the cyclist out ! ;-)

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