Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Massive Cigarette Advertising In Yambol

Massive Cigarette Advertising In Yambol
Having experienced big screen video advertising for Marlboro cigarettes in a Kaufland Supermarket a few months ago, there is another advertising campaign on cirarettes for passing traffic in the Yambol roads. These are massive posters and must have an impact on drivers who pass them time and time again. There are new posters going up all the time and cigarettes are the main focus. this particular one is aimed at men as the brand's motto is ,"The Taste For Men". This is directed marketing as it is most men that drive in Yambol. There is of course the madatory warning given in small text at the bottom.


Jacob said...

Very interesting. I don't think I've seen a sign advertising cigarettes in the States for many years. I wonder if there is a law forbidding such ads?

Mike said...

Martin they may have to change their approach to tobbaco advertising with the EC membership.

Personally I am not sure it makes a difference to whether people buy cigarettes or not.

I started smoking at 15 through peer group pressure.

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