Monday, 26 January 2009

Public Cigarette Video Advertising in Yambol Supermarket

Public Cigarette Video Advertising in Yambol SupermarketThis was in Kaufland Supermarket; this German based company has this in a prime place facing both ways to a public that waits at the checkout. The video runs for around 40 seconds and is of course advertising American made cigarettes 'Marlboro'. Who else would try and reap profits out of a people who are influenced to the hilt from everything American? The only small grace is that Bulgarians will still buy their local brand cigarettes as this particular brand is too expensive. I was accosted by security for taking pictures in this supermarket, but only after this was taken.


Anonymous said...

do you get in a lot of trouble for taking pictures around yambol ?

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Reply to Anonymous:

Only in sensitive places like the police station, The Post Office, many Banks (had big problems there), churches and supermarkets. It is very unusual that pictures are taken in Yambol, it is not a tourist area.

Many Bulgarians here in Yambol are surprised and don't know how to react to pictures being taken and officials tend to be quite aggressive if I'm caught in action. In their defence they haven't had to deal with this situation before now.

(I could give you the short answer "Yes")

agreablement said...

passo di qui per caso
saluti from Italy

Anonymous said...

thanks for your detailed amswear , im from yambol my self and im quiet surprised ... to think that i wanted to take loads of pictures myself ... good having you do all the dirty work :) hehe joking .... keep it up i vistit this blog everyday with great interest :)

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