Saturday, 31 January 2009

Four Typical But Different Types of Yambol Homes

Four Typical But Different Types of Yambol HomesI chose to take this picture today because it has four distinctly typical, but very different types of Yambol homes, all within 50 metres of each other.
  1. Tucked on the right, just visable with a roof in bad repair is a single floored gypsy house, the smoke from the woodburner was clearly visable at on this cold day.
  2. On the left is the pink three floored apartment block rather dated now.
  3. Next to this is a modern seven floored apartment block still being built - These types are so common now in Yambol, they are just cramming apartment block all the time now.
  4. Then there is the familiar sight of the tall grey apartment block, again, very common and very popular for being so economic on heating in the winter.
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