Saturday, 17 January 2009

A Road Worthy Trabant in Yambol City

A Road Worthy Trabant in Yambol CityThis 600 cc two stroke cylinder Trabant was spotted in the outskirts of Yambol. Even without one headlamp, it still runs around Yambol and is accepted that these 'handicaps' are normal on Trabant cars. It least it has a licenced number plate, in my village the vet has one and it has no lights or number plates and I 've seen him giving our local policeman a lift in it. They are more strict in Yambol City that the villages though.


David -- said...

I read many years ago, before the Berlin Wall fell, that Germans had a joke:
Question: How do you double the value of a Trabant?
Answer: Fill it up with gasoline.

I remember traveling to Germany in 1992 and seeing lots of Trabants in the former Eastern Germany. The strangest thing was the various pastel colors of the cars, all of which were in shades a little off from what would be considered attractive for a car by western standards.

humanobserver said...

quite interesting....

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